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Try A New Brand of String!

The type of string you use is the most important adjustment your instrument can get. Over the past several years, many good new string brands have come on the market. One of these might work better on your instrument than what you are currently playing on. We will let you find out with no risk: try a new set of strings on your instrument, and if you don't like them after a week, you can bring them back and trade them in for another set. The brands listed below are included in this program:


Violin and Viola: Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Obligato, Vision Solo, Dominant, Larsen A for viola

Cello: Larsen A and D, Jargar Superior A and D, Spirocore tungsten G and C, Larsen Magnacore G and C 


In addition, when you come in to purchase strings, we recommend that you bring  your instrument with you. Not only will we have the workshop check over the instrument to make sure that everything is working properly, but you can try strings here in the shop! We are happy to open up strings and put them on your instrument to try. Then you can take them home, break them in a bit, and take your week to decide if you would like to keep that set on your instrument. 


Our prices are competitive with mail order. For an additional $15 we will install the strings, including checking the instrument over and lubing the pegs.


Give us a call to set up a string consultation! 

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