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Strings and Accesories

Kenneth Stein Violins carries a large selection of strings and accessories for your instrument. We have the following brands available in the shop. If you're looking for something that isn't listed, we may have it in stock or we will be happy to special order it for you. Our prices are competitive with mail order on strings and acessories. We also have a large selection of chinrests, 




Full Sets - Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Vision Solo, Vision Solo Titanium, Obligato, Dominant, Peter Infeld (PI), Corelli Crystal

E Strings - Wondertone Gold Label, Pirastro No. 1, Violino, Eudoxa, Goldbrokat, Hill, Westminster, Passione



Evah Prazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Dominant, Obligato, Vision Solo, Peter Infeld (PI), Larsen A



Larsen A & D - Regular and Soloist, Spirocore Tungsten G & C, Larsen Magnacore, Jargar Superior A & D, Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Soloist


Shoulder Rests

Kun, Everest, Bon Musica, Wolf, Mach One, Comford Cradle, Foam Sponges



Bernardel, Hidersine, Hill, Jade, Pirastro (assorted types), Clairty Supersensitive, Andrea Solo, Liebenzeller Gold Violin



Xeros, Slip Stop, Dycem Black Hole



Violin and Viola: Bobelock, Pedi, Bam, Global

Cello: Bobelock, Eastman, Bam, Eclipse

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